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- 单相固态继电器负载能力高达125A   - 三相固态继电器负载能力高达75A
- 数字或模拟量控制输入(4-20mA或0-10V)   - 产品系列完整,可自带散热片
佳乐的固态继电器(SSR)具有铜接合技术以提高寿命和可靠性,它被广泛用于塑料,包装,食品加工和HVAC工业 - 主要用于温度控制,还有照明 和泵开关上。一些特殊系统中,我们的继电器也可以替代接触器,因为它们寿命长而且无噪音。此外我们还提高薄片式,散热片一体化的继电器,满足您的需要。

Heatsink Selector Tool
- Plug in your application details, preferred heatsink mounting, and the number of SSRs to be mounted on heatsink and find the most suitable heatsink for the requested application through this online tool
Thermal stress reduces the lifetime of the solid state relay and hence it is important that thermal dissipation by correctly sized heatsinks is provided. Solid state relays with integrated heatsinks are included in Carlo Gavazzi's product offering but for the cases where the design of the integrated heatsink is not suitable we provide a selection of different heatsinks to suit different needs.

If the product to be mounted on a heatsink is already identified, click on the link below to find a suitable heatsink that matches the needed application. Otherwise, first click on the above link to select the product and then select the heatsink.